Reflections of Stillness  

Wall Sculpture
Wood | 7’ x 55’ x 5’
The Smilow Center for Translational Research (University of Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia, PA | Permanent Collection


UPenn has a reputation for not only providing outstanding education and innovative research but also fueling the arts and fostering a creative work place. In keeping with this tradition, Ostrov and Cole were commissioned by the artistic department at Penn Medicine (under the advisement of public art consultant Marsha Moss) to create a magnetic sculpture, further enhancing the newly constructed lobby of its research facility. The piece consists of six complimentary forms, spanning a 50 foot corridor wall just outside the much frequented lecture hall of the Smilow Center. As the viewer passes through the space, each fragment rises and expands over head creating an interesting contrast to the static lines of the opposite wall. Captivating patients, their families, guests and staff alike, each fragment evokes the flow of light molecules as they reflect from the opposite wall and traverse the length of the space. 

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